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Holly P Design 12 Step and Inspirational greeting cards have attitude and meaning. They're powerfully unique, beautifully designed and they sell!  If they don't, we replace them with ones that do. That's our guarantee to you.

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Your beautiful, touching, perfect cards arrived!  You're right...we should be dancing a jig on top of a rainbow!  We're alive, hopeful, and filled with faith in today's goodness and tomorrow's hope. Blessings to you and all of our sober sisters and brothers who have been given such gifts."
- Anonymous

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We give back by donating a portion of every card we sell to organizations dedicated to recovery, health and well-being.  We also provide complimentary cards to our customers for promotions and special events that celebrate recovery.

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Unique and beautiful anniversary, birthday, congratulatory, fun, serious, inspirational 12 step recovery cards by Holly P Design.  All cards are premium quality, created mindfully in the U.S. by local partners and suppliers who care about the environment and give back to their communities.

The best 12 step recovery greeting cards on the web!

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