Holly P Design’s mission is to create powerfully unique, beautifully designed 12 step recovery and inspirational greeting cards that celebrate the joy, humor & beauty in our collective spiritual journey.


Hi.  I’m Holly P.  I founded Holly P Design in March 2014 after spending the previous year battling a near-fatal infection that came out of nowhere and profoundly changed my life.  Humbled by, and extremely grateful that my Higher Power led me away from death’s door, I have a newfound enthusiasm for my life, for my sobriety, and for living in the moment a day at a time.  I’m passionate all aspects of 12 Step recovery;  I’m filled with inspiration; and I view each new day as a celebration of good.  I’ve been divinely guided – without question – into pairing my discarded 25-year old design skills with my many years of business acumen to create and market a new collection of 12 Step recovery cards.  I think the world might like some unique new recovery cards with a fresh point of view, don’t you?  I do.  And one day when its really my time to go, I’ll have built something wonderful to leave behind for my good fellows on the road to happy destiny.  No worries.  It will be a huge success.  After all, the power behind me is stronger than anything before me, right?


Holly P Design’s mission is to create powerfully unique, premium quality 12 step recovery and inspirational greeting cards that celebrate the joy, humor and beauty in our collective spiritual journey.  No one does recovery cards like we do!   Holly P Design cards are designed to be deeply meaningful and personal to people in recovery.  Some are funny.  Some are poignant.  Some hit right you right between the eyes.  Some hit where you need it.  Some are just WOW!  ALL deeply communicate the emotion, the wonder and the universal truths of recovery.  Discreetly and straight from the heart. Like 12 step programs, our cards speak to anyone on the path to recovery – any age, size, gender, background, culture, occupation, profession, intelligence level or socio-economic status. The disease of addiction doesn’t discriminate and neither do we – our cards are perfect for any 12 step fellowship.


We are miracles. There are no coincidences.
– We love and support ALL 12 step recovery programs – they save lives and bring about incredible positive change.
– We strive to practice the 12 steps and 12 principles in all our affairs. They are universal truths.
– We honor the source within all of us that seeks and/or connects with a Higher Power or God of our understanding.
– We maintain a sense of humor and fun while acknowledging the serious nature of our disease.
– We respect one another, our customers, and our business partners by treating them as we would like to be treated.
– We avoid the use of copyrighted quotes, material, or images from any source, including 12 Step recovery programs.
– We produce only premium, fine art quality cards utilizing the best, eco-friendly materials possible.